The Team

Andrew Ligdopoulos
Managing Director

Andrew is the Managing Director of LJ Hooker Project Marketing ACT. He is a licenced and registered agent who has worked tirelessly in real estate for 28 years and leads the team with his vast skill set and impressive experience.
Andrew maintains a hands-on approach with his clients, being heavily involved and engaged throughout the development and sales process. Through his reliability, hard work and dedication he has been entrusted to direct the marketing and sales of copious residential developments across Canberra over the years and continues to be the agent of choice for his very loyal clientele.
A high achiever, not just within Canberra but Australia-wide, Andrew is well respected in the industry and has received many awards for his excellent results and client service.  Amongst other awards, he is within the top 1% of agents in LJ Hooker’s international network and last year he placed 22nd in the REB’s Top 100 Agents Australia wide.

Phone: 0408 488 148



Keenan Veraar
Development Manager

A proper Canberra boy, Keenan grew up in Aranda and spent his afternoons building treehouses in the Black Mountain Reserve.
After graduating, Keenan spent 4 years at the Attorney General’s Department before making the leap to real estate. He has been with LJ Hooker Project Marketing for the past 13 years. His extensive industry knowledge and performance have led him to be one of the top agents in the country who is repeatedly the, very humble, recipient of industry awards.
Aside from real estate Keenan’s other passion is his family. With 3 small children he’s kept on his toes – and his incredible stamina and unruffled nature enables him to jump between work and family life with aplomb.
It is his frank, calm approach which always puts buyers at ease and a detailed, analytical mind that is an incredible asset to developers throughout the planning and sales process.
On the odd occasion he’s not selling property or at an under-7s soccer match, Keenan enjoys reading, the thrill hang gliding and reminiscing about peaceful days down the coast that seem like a distant memory. 

Phone: 0402 914 037



James Herbert
Development Manager

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves Canberra and real estate more than James. With grandparents, parents, siblings and his brother-in-law all in the Canberra property game, real estate is well and truly a lifestyle for James. Prior to joining LJ Hooker in 2011, James worked as a Property Valuer for about 7 years, giving him an outstanding industry edge.  
James is incredibly dedicated to Project Marketing and loves working with builders, developers, architects and property professionals to bring a huge project to life. “It’s a great feeling seeing a property go from a sketch on a page, to a real-life physical property that someone has purchased and about to call home! Real estate is really about connecting with people.”
A self-confessed “real estate addict”, it’s hard to prise James away from his job. Naturally gifted in sport and music, if James is miraculously separated from his laptop he will be found playing tennis, running, playing guitar or listening to music.
Outside of real estate James has a gorgeous family of four; his wife Juanita (who, according to James is the only normal one), son Augie and dog Ruben. Whenever they have some time off they head to Tathra to spend time at the beach, in the sun and generally relaxing.
James has won many awards and accolades in his time with LJ Hooker but says that none of them really matter too much. “I get a lot more satisfaction from seeing our team complete a successful project, seeing one of our younger guys make their first sale, or reading a great review from one of our customers.”
Fun fact: James used to be a wedding singer. Feel free to quiz him on this.

Phone: 0400 853 501


David Shi
Development Manager

David, originally from Singapore, experienced life in Canberra while studying for his degree at ANU. Upon returning to Singapore the memories of Canberra stuck with him and he decided to switch his busy metropolitan life for Canberra’s laid-back style.
Prior to real estate, David worked on the trading desk of a global investment bank, dealing with financial derivatives. He chose to move into real estate because of his own love of property and working directly with clients. Over the past 3 years David has treated his second career as a challenge and continually exceeds expectations, achieving excellent growth.
In his time off David is focussed on relaxing at home with his family.

Phone: 0417 668 668


Benjamin Wilson
Sales Consultant

Originally from Belfast, Ben has had the fortune of living in many exciting places across Europe and Asia. He has spent extended periods of time in Manchester UK, Holland, Russia, Shanghai and, just prior to moving to Australia, Barcelona.
Married to a Canberran, Ben has been visiting relatives in Canberra for years and instantly felt at home here. His career has always been in sales, directly or indirectly, and has worked with some of the most recognised fashion & retail brands in the world. Working with both fast fashion brands and in luxury retailing has given him a huge amount of skill in listening to what consumers want, understanding what they need and then always delivering over and above what they expect. Of moving into real estate, Ben says “I love Canberra and I love people. Becoming a Real Estate agent in what, I believe, to be one of the best cities to call home felt like a natural move across industries. Talking to people all day and selling them a little piece of Canberra is the perfect role for me.”
From his calm and genuinely caring approach to his exemplary product knowledge, you’re in exceptional hands with Ben. From the day he started he has studied each and every development in great depth and is often consulted by the marketing team for his incredible insight into the developments.
When he’s not working, Ben loves walking his little dog Murphy, trips to the snow and spending quality time with his family and friends. “Since moving to Canberra I have developed a keen interest in the Art of Bonsai and have built up a network of friends who have taught me some of the techniques in this wonderful art”.

Phone: 0420 375 976


Reena Khatri
Sales Consultant

Originally from India, Reena lived in Wagga Wagga before her husband’s job transferred them to Canberra. She loved country life and the idyllic environment for her two lovely children but was excited about the opportunities and changes from moving to a new city.
Prior to real estate, Reena worked in market research, supervising a team that worked throughout North America, Australasia and the Middle East. This background has encouraged Reena to put particular emphasis on listening to clients and really discovering what they need. She has a caring and empathetic nature and, as a keen investor herself, she is always informative and well researched in helping people to find the right property.
Reena has been with LJ Hooker Project Marketing for over three years and has a lovely story about her decision to become an agent. Thanks to a kind and helpful real estate agent, buying and selling her first home was wonderful experience. Recognising what a life changing event buying property is for people, she decided she wanted to help others through this process and provide them with an equally positive experince.
Aside from her love of people, Reena is drawn to interior styling, often making changes to her home on her time off. She also loves to cook and spend time with her family
Reena is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Phone: 0430 018 379


Jason Han
Sales Consultant

After visiting Canberra on an Australian holiday and discovering what a lovely city it is, Jason decided to pack up and move here 6 years ago. A native Beijinger, Jason’s first language is Mandarin, though his love for an Australian colloquialism and great sense of humour makes him very popular with Chinese and Australian buyers alike.
Jason’s real estate career spans twelve years and he has always particularly enjoyed selling apartments and off-the-plan developments. Previous to real estate he worked in the construction industry giving him excellent knowledge of construction materials and build quality and a great interest in the development process from architectural vision to completion.
When Jason gets some time away from work, he escapes to the peace and quiet of the mountains to recharge in the solitude and fresh air, ready for another action-packed week at work.

Phone: 0411 588 138


Vasilis Vlachoulis
Sales Consultant

Vas visited Canberra, from Athens, in 2010 and fell so in-love with our little city that he and his wife Stella began making plans to move here. In 2014 they finally arrived and have happily embraced their new home.
Back in Greece, Vas worked in sales for a major wholesale eyewear company for 12 years, and as a key account manager for 8 of those years. Having extensive experience in sales and marketing, he moved into real estate upon his arrival to Australia and has never looked back.
Vas’ warmth and humour is evident as soon as you meet him. Vas says his favourite part of working in Project Marketing is “meeting new people and helping them achieve their dream of owning their own home”. Being in projects allows Vas to find a suitable property for all his buyers.
Vas’ two favourite pastimes are playing basketball and travelling with his wife and beautiful daughter. They are currently planning their next trip to see some other parts of Australia.

Phone: 0424 833 228


Matthew Findley
Sales Consultant

Matt grew up near Ulladulla on the gorgeous NSW South Coast where he was an active member of the Rural Fire Service. He moved to Canberra to pursue a psychology degree but quickly found he had knack and a love for sales.
After being a successful car salesman and really enjoying the interaction with buyers, Matt made the move to real estate and was particularly drawn to Project Marketing. “Projects in particular gives me the chance to focus on my buyers and spend a bit more time getting to know people”. He also enjoys getting to know each suburb and area that the projects are in to get a real feel for the lifestyle that each offers.
In his time off Matt loves to walk through and explore the National Parks in Canberra and surrounds or stay in at home with a good book.      

Phone: 0405 859 500


Jose Izurieta
Sales Consultant

Jose has lived in Belconnen his entire life but has spent much time visiting Ecuador and Brazil where his parents are originally from. He has a close relationship with his siblings: a sister studying engineering at ANU and a brother in South Carolina on a football scholarship.  
Before real estate, Jose worked in sales for Telstra and was in the army reserves. His larrikin nature helped him find his way into real estate. He loves meeting new people, hearing their stories and helping them to find their next property.
Jose is a keen pianist and especially interested in classical music, “I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4 so it is a big passion of mine to listen, play & compose. I also enjoy going to the gym and exercise. Other hobbies I have include star gazing and astrophotography.”

Phone: 0410 380 806



Annie Qiu
Sales Consultant

Phone: 0406 860 807


William Weekes
Sales Consultant

Phone: 0432 984 106


Antony Damiano
Sales Consultant

Phone: 0473 444 666


Sharron Zhao
Personal Assistant to David Shi



Lynda Clingan
Executive Assistant to Andrew Ligdopoulos

Lynda has over 15 years industry experience in administration and sales. Prior to joining Andrew and the Project Marketing team she spent 5 years in Paris with her husband and two children completely embracing the French culture and lifestyle. Before jetting off overseas she worked with Stephen Bunday at the LJ Hooker Dickson office and served as an integral member of the team and a key factor in the agency’s success.
Lynda offers invaluable assistance to Andrew and to the management of the Project Marketing office. Lynda’s interactions are always professional and straightforward providing an excellent standard of service to clients.



Stephanie Culhane
Business Systems Operator

Stephanie handles all of Project Marketing’s behind the scenes administration. From managing the CRM and digital sales listings to processing sales instructions and liaising with solicitors. Stephanie ensures the smooth operation of all our day to day administrative processes.
Growing up in Canberra, Stephanie was involved in her family’s small business and has a great understanding of what it takes to run a business. On the weekend she likes to…



Karen Wiley
Senior Accounts & Admin Manager

Karen grew up in India and moved to Australia for “greener pastures”. Karen has been sailing the monstrous ship that is our accounts for 5 years. She’s had a lifelong fixation with maths and so accounting was an obvious career choice. Anything to do with numbers and reconciliations gives Karen great job satisfaction.
Outside of accounting she loves spending time with her two children, gardening, cooking, shopping and travelling.



Sophie Green Moore
Marketing Manager

Sophie was fortunate to live abroad for part of her childhood, being born In England and then moving to Hong Kong but, at heart, she is a self-described Canberra girl.
In 2017 she moved to New York for 12 months before making the decision to head back home to Canberra. Before landing the job at LJ Hooker Project Marketing she worked as a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant specialising in small business branding and start-ups. Of her role in Project Marketing, Sophie says “I love seeing projects move from ideation to completion. Designing, marketing and selling a lifestyle is exciting, and rewarding.”
Sophie has an unusual fondness for prison documentaries but also relaxes by reading or cooking for friends and family. Sophie is always plotting her next overseas trip and loves to attend Impressionist exhibitions at the galleries around the world.
Sophie is an invaluable member of the marketing team, continually challenging processes and determined to improve the performance of all marketing efforts.




Matty Ingold
Design Manager

Matty, an inspired photographer, knew in high school that he wanted to be a graphic designer. His interest was sparked by a photomanipulation assignment which then saw him focus on learning new programs and design skills and set upon a career in Graphic Design.
Matty landed the job at LJ Hooker Project Marketing upon being praised by CIT’s Head of Design as his best student. Since then he’s transformed the company’s visual marketing into the fresh, professional and flawless product that it is today. His perfectionism, passion and dedication to the company make him vital to the services Project Marketing offers. He’s often still in design-mode during his time off, spending hours finessing his designs and learning new skills. His favourite thing about working on projects is the range of designs and branding he’s able to create across different projects; each new development offers something interesting and challenging.
Outside of Graphic Design Matty’s biggest passion is riding bikes.
“Most weekends you’ll find me shredding the trails out at Stromlo or Majura on my downhill or enduro bike or down at the skate park riding my BMX.”
Other than this, he’ll be spending time with his friends and siblings, a brother and sister who all “get on like a house on fire”.
Matty’s performance and dedication to Project Marketing have been well praised with him winning individual awards for 2018 Top Business Support ACT and 2017 Best New Talent ACT and multiple team awards.